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TAD Safe™ - Temperature Alert Device with 5 KN95 Masks

$44.98 $27.98

This combination package includes 5 standard KN95 masks with the purchase of each TAD. 


TAD™ keeps you and those around you safe, with an indicator light that remains on, it is easy to wear, and is easy to use. Work, play, exercise, and more while TAD™ measures your temperature for you at regular intervals OR with the push of a button. When many others are fearful and anxious about the “new normal,” those around you can rest easy with TAD™, the “new normal” is more like back to normal.

  • Alerts wearer of body temperature changes to prevent the possible spread of viral or bacterial infections
  • 15-minute interval and on the spot manual readings
  • 3 distinctive temperature color ranges that provide comfort or warning to those in proximity of wearer
  • Vibrating alarm when temperature rises above normal
  • Smart watch
  • IPX5 water-resistant
  • Customizable lightweight band (private label available)
  • Built-in USB charger
  • 75mah battery powers up to 16 hours of constant temperature checking through school or work shifts.